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Prayer Time

In the midst of our struggles and our victories, we still need to remember God’s plan in our lives and businesses.  Christian Business Connect is hosting Prayer Time every Friday at 2:30 pm EST via Google Hangouts Meet.  Everyone is welcome including non-CBC members.

Bring your prayer requests and connect to Christ with fellow Christians.

We do not require registration for this event.  You do not need to download any software or even have a Google account.  Save the following link to your calendar and just click at 2:30 pm every Friday.  Bring a friend!


Thank you and God bless,

The Christian Business Connect Family



Prayer Time is for everyone.  This event will not be driven by one Christian denomination over another.  The purpose of this virtual gathering is to join in prayer for one another.  We want to bring everything to Christ with fellow Christians.  Please be respectful to one another during this gathering.  Everyone will be able to introduce themself and submit a prayer request.  Our hosts will pray to close out their event once everyone has had their opportunity to talk.

If you’re unable to attend, feel free to submit your prayer requests through the following form:


Christian Business Connect has other ways to connect to each other and our members.  Please check out our Directory and other upcoming Events.  Our Membership also includes our Business & Bible Groups.