Charity Mock Draft Challenge

  • Submissions required by 8 pm on April 29
  • Most points = $100 for a charity of your choosing
  • Anyone can participate and it’s free!
  • See below for point structure

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Submit Your Draft:

  • Email your image to -OR-
  • Post your image on Facebook with #CBCMock and tag Christian Business Connect!
Source Points
Match Player to the Pick
1 point
Predict a Trade
1 point
Predict the Right Trade
1 point

Example:  If Trey Lance goes 4th overall, you get 1 point.  If you predict that this pick is the result of a trade, you get another point.  If you predicted the Denver Broncos trades with Atlanta and that happens to be the team, you get another point (3 points total).  If it is the New England Patriots who traded with Atlanta instead, you only get the two points.