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Praying For Your Business

I know quite a few Christians who have been taught that it is selfish to ask God for anything but I just can’t find that in the Bible.

God does say not to worry, that he knows what we need, that we should seek His kingdom and will first and trust that he’ll provide for us.

What it does not say is that it’s wrong to come to him about those needs.  In fact, in 1 Peter 5:7 it says: “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.”

Our Father cares about us.  Yes, he knows our needs already – but he always welcomes our prayers about those needs.

(It’s important to realize that Worry isn’t Prayer and Prayer isn’t Worry!)

It’s in prayer that we often hear from God about how he plans to provide for those needs.

It’s often in the midst of prayer that we’ll get clarity about our situation and be able to see God’s clear direction for our business.

So don’t be shy.  Take your needs list to God in prayer today and ask him to open your eyes to his plans for your business today.

If you want to build your faith and be sure to give God all the glory down the road, start a business prayer journal and jot down the needs and situations you share with God in prayer.

Look back over your lists every now and then and highlight the answered needs and solved situations.

You’ll be blown away at what you see, I’m sure of it!

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