At $19.99 per month, the monthly option includes all of our features and you have the flexibility of paying from month-to-month!  All renewals are automated but you can cancel at any time.

At $199.99 per year, the annual option includes all of our features but essentially two months are free! Renewals are automatic every year.

We provide a special plan for 501c3's!  You'll receive all of our features but only pay $75 per year.  All renewals are automatic.


Business & Bible Groups

Our Business & Bible Groups function as external referral networks within Christian Business Connect. These are category exclusive with the familiar elements of similar groups. We feature quick asks and spotlight presentations. Our success is driven by relationships amplified by custom devotions with discussion. Our Business & Bible Groups have both local and online options with meetings twice per month.

Free Events

Christian Business Connect works very hard to be an active group for our members. We provide a variety of opportunities to network from month to month. Times and locations vary. We even have our monthly Sprint done through Zoom (video conference). We are also introducing our Christian Beer Club as a way to invite the general community to engage in fellowship with our members.

Directory Profile

Each member receives a directory profile. This can be used to post information about who they are and their company. Our members can represent up to 2 companies with their listing. Visuals are encouraged too! Our Directory page also has a filtration system. This means members can post as any different keywords as they want to make it easier for our audience and community to find them!

Meet the Member Podcast

Every week Mike Pietila interviews one of our members for our Meet the Member podcast. This includes a quick Facebook Live video as well as other social media promotion. Our podcast is available on Google, Apple and many other platforms but click the icon below to listen on Spotify!

Facebook Group Access

Social media is a great way to get your business in front of prospective clients and alliances. We have a group available on Facebook so our members can interact with one another on social media. You can post any events, news, job openings, volunteer opportunities, prayer requests, etc. on this platform. Our members tend to be able and willing to help in any way possible!

LinkedIn Group Access

You may not have Facebook for your business. That's ok because we have a LinkedIn group available too. For the same exact reasons we provide the Facebook Group access, you have this additional opportunity to promote your business needs. Even if you're on Facebook, we have members who work exclusively on LinkedIn. You want to make sure you reach them too!

Mentorship Opportunities

Our mentorship system is currently being developed. Once the plan is finished, you'll be able to help young people not only keep Christ as a professional focus but contribute to the support of our church and non-profit communities. More information on this will be available soon.

Online Support

You don't want to talk to the CBC support time all of the time to manage your account. We don't blame you. That's why we provide the ability to manage your account directly through a login. However, if things get tricky, you can always find a way to get in touch with us through our friendly chat system at the bottom right of your screen!

Promote Your Business

Christian Business Connect attempts to provide a lot of value for your membership. Beyond what we mentioned already, we will promote your upcoming events, news and notes in monthly and weekly email blasts. We'll try to share everything we can on social media and provide additional acknowledgements along the way. We even have leadership opportunities to get you in front of more people while helping our membership grow! There's even more to come!