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Meet the Member: Terry Russell

home inspector

home inspector

Home Inspectors are Important

When you purchase a property, there’s a lot of stress involved.  More often than not, you might not have the skill set to figure out everything that is or could be wrong with it.  You probably don’t have the equipment to dig deeper into the plumbing, electrical, or the scary roofs.  Plus, will you be able to guarantee specific qualities over 90 days ore more once you’re done moving?  Do you know who can?  An experienced home inspector such as Terry Russell of Blessed Assurance Home Inspection.

I met Terry for the very first time today.  I’ve known a lot of home inspectors in the past but he seems to have a great mindset for his work.  He’s grown his business well and continues to provide a client-friendly service.  After having a company for eight years, his family contributes to the team and there’s another inspector on staff besides Terry.

Key Takeaway Notes

Terry is very active with his church in Sterling Heights and credits God’s grace for the success in his business.  His office is in Madison Heights but he covers a large geographic territory.  Terry will go to the Ohio-Michigan border, all the way out to Lansing, and even up to Flint-Port Huron.

Terry mentioned the use of technology in his general business.  His team has the ability to utilize drones to help inspect a roof during dangerous settings.  In tight crawl spaces, they have a robot.  Cameras are used in other areas to help with plumbing too.  There are a variety of ways Terry and his team put together a very detailed report to help make sure you’re getting the most out of your new home.  They can help if your selling too with a pre-listing inspection.  Keep in mind, some of his services may be considered an add-on but I would highly recommend having a conversation with Terry to see if he’s the right home inspector for you or your clients!

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