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Thoughts this morning…

I just want to share some of my thoughts this morning, I need to start sharing them more like I used to. Ever since I was a child I see floods of profound visuals and deep thoughts,  Hopefully this is encouraging to all. I prefer conversations in person but it’s heavy on me so I will share some..

Do agnostics or atheists appreciate that REAL followers of Jesus care and love them? That they care for your eternal life and salvation? Does that mean something to you if you are atheist or agnostic? If not, what do you believe in, Love? We all believe in things no one can argue that.

Are most Christians too fearful to be effective? Why?

I have strong rooted opinions on these matters, how do you feel about it and why?

If your loved one was going to die of self afflicted faults ,would you help? Of course you would atheist, agnostic or Christian.

Unconditional love. To love someone even your enemy regardless of condition.

Have you thought of this before..?

I think too many agnostic and atheist see the Christian community with love that is conditional not unconditional love. Or maybe they don’t see any love whatsoever…

Some of my BEST friends are agnostic. Does that mean I don’t love them? Are you kidding me. They are Great!! I have family and many friends that are a different skin tone than I. Does that mean I shouldn’t care about them because I am different. Absolutely not.

I believe Jesus’ love is unconditional for all. Unlike man and woman. Even horrors in Old Testament books like kings points to Gods love. He wants to be your God.

People have asked me “Paul how have you seen miracles 1st hand?” I wasn’t always sure how to answer that. I know it wasn’t me that did them. Only through faith. I was thinking this morning how I have always looked to God and Jesus. Not people. I’ve seen powerful things through the name of Jesus!!! I truly believe. Have I sinned, many times! Am I better than you, no. But I also repented and grew and I’m striving to be more pleasing to God. So many times in the Bible it talks about loving your neighbor and what real love looks like.. B.i.b.l.e basic instruction before leaving earth. God wants to communicate with you one on one.. no others around just you. Through the Bible and your quiet time try to connect with Him. Wow you will be amazed! And be persistent, like you’re running a race, would you half hearted walk to the finish line in a race? Do you believe love comes from God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit?

Don’t let other people or an organization hurt you, forgive them. Don’t hold on and carry burdens. Be the change, Be the teacher, Be one to love unconditional. Look one deep in the eyes, connect with them and listen for once. All people fall short, we are a work in progress. Be encouraged to go higher. Look to God not man..

I have wrote pages of a sermon for one persons situation and made full songs just for one persons situation. I don’t regret all the time spent on making even just one person feel encouraged and healed. (Even if the song sucked) I think we including Myself need to go out of our way more to love people. How have you impacted others lives? Desiree and I talk about deep stuff every day! If you’re looking for a bible study or searching let us know maybe we could help..

Real love..

Unconditional love.
Jesus like love..

Paul oz

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